Today is Halloween, so I decided to do a Funny Cello Lessons video honoring the only holiday where normal god fearing Catholic girls get to dress like $15 dollar a pop blow job whores, and feel good about themselves while eating Snickers bars.  I was bartending this past Friday at the CalArts Halloween party, which is a humongous homoerotic ecstasy driven love fest and I was inspired to do a video in my get up.

My outfit?

A gay Mexican.

I dressed all in clothes from my gay friend Andrew, who weighs about half of what I do.  I had on a sombrero, a multicolred woman’s jacket, and short shorts so tight and small that not only could you see the outline of my dick and balls perfectly, but I’m pretty certain I’ll never be able to procreate after wearing those for 8 hours.  (This is not necessarily a bad thing).
Anyway, enjoy the video and learn some cello!